A business lunch meeting, gigantic birthday pavlova, press event canapés or just a delicious family meal.
A vegan and gluten free post workout breakfast, a prepared meal ready to heat up at home, healthy salads and juices on a shoot day, or whatever you have in mind.
Sophie Eats will create a suitable menu and deliver to any kind of occasion.
We are available to cater lunch all over Amsterdam. We would love to know what sort of lunch you would like to have delivered at your office!

In need of this gigantic cake, beautiful canapés, delicious bowl food or a buffet for your party? Or are you hosting an afternoon tea but too busy to cook?

Let us do all this work for you! We will prepare everything and drop off the food whenever you need it.

We have a huge selection of food suitable for drop offs.

Please see our current Deli menu to see what’s cooking or order from our canapé menu below.

Drop-off menus

Savory canapés


  • Mini salmon sashimi pot with edamame beans, ponzu dressing and sesame €3,75
  • Potato rösti with smoked salmon and herby green cream cheese (gf) €3,5
  • Mini mackerel pot with horseradish cream, colored beets, dill and lemon zest (gf) €3,75
  • Mini crayfish pot with sesame cream and wakame €3,75


  • Mini pork and fennel sausage roll €2,5
  • Duck mousse profiterole with a fig & balsamic glaze €3,25
  • Hoisin duck pancakes with cucumber and spring onion €3,25


  • Winter millefeuille with yellow beetroot, herby cream cheese and toasted hazelnut (v) €3,5
  • Mushroom & truffle tart with goats cheese mousse (v) €3,75
  • Stilton & cipollini tart €3,75
  • Goats cheese, thyme and truffle tart with lemon zest, green asparagus and garden peas (v) €3,75
  • Tarragon & matured cheese tart with home made pesto and slow roasted tomato (v) €3,75
  • Mini burrata pot with roasted seasonal vegetables, pine nuts and slow roasted cherry tomato (v, gf) €3,5
  • Mini black sesame quinoa burger with sesame cream and pickled ginger (v, gf) €3,25
  • Crudité pot with home made dip (vgn, gf)
  • Mini portobello sausage roll (vgn) €2,5
  • Mini spiced portobello cake with herb mousse and toasted nuts (vgn) €3,25

Sharing platters


  • Smoked mackerel with horseradish cream, roasted beetroots, dill and lemon zest (gf)
  • Slow roasted salmon with an Asian dressing, cucumber ribbons, coriander and peanuts (gf)
  • Smoked salmon with green asparagus and a mustard and dill dressing (gf)
  • Harissa marinated chicken thighs with grapefruit, pistachios and mint (gf)
  • Hoisin duck with pickled cucumbers, edamame beans, coriander and sesame


  • Hoisin marinated tempeh with edamame, cucumber ribbons and sesame (vgn, gf)
  • Harissa marinated tempeh with pine nuts, pomegranate and coriander (vgn, gf)
  • Burrata with artichokes, aubergines, lemon, raisins, capers and dried tomatoes (v, gf)
  • Burrata with tomatoes in 3 ways, tarragon pesto and pine nuts (v, gf)
  • Burrata with green asparagus, haricot beans, artichokes, basil oil and dried tomatoes (v, gf)
  • Roasted courgette with crumbled goats cheese, pesto and slow roasted tomatoes (v, gf)
  • Roasted aubergine with harissa cream, feta, pomegranate and pistachios crumbs (v, gf)
  • Roasted aubergine with feta yoghurt, hazelnut dukkah and pomegranate (v, gf)
  • Roasted aubergine with tahini dressing, pomegranate and coriander (vgn, gf)
  • Spiced cauliflower with hummus, pomegranate and coriander (v, gf)
  • Roasted harissa carrots with hummus, pomegranate and coriander (vgn, gf)
  • Roasted broccoli with tahini sauce, spinach and pine nuts (vgn, gf)
  • Roasted broccoli with edamame and a kaffir lime dressing with chilli (vgn, gf)


  • Roasted sweet potato wedges with a sesame cream and coriander (v, gf)
  • Pearl couscous with feta, lemon and parlsey oil (v)
  • Roasted jersey potatoes with a fresh herb dressing (vgn, gf)
  • Citrus bulgur with rocket and pistachios (vgn) 
  • Thai soba noodles with mango, aubergine, Thai basil and a chilli dressing (vgn)

** Combination of 3 salads €22,50 per person
** Combination of 4 salads €27,50 per person (we recommend this quantity to fill as a large main course) (Maximum of 1 fish/meat dish)

Sweet canapés

  • Colored meringue kisses (v, gf) €1
  • Mini chocolate fudge brownie (v) €2,50
  • Mini white chocolate blondie (v) €2,50
  • Mini white chocolate and berries cheesecake (v) €2,5
  • Mini bundt cake (v) €2,5
  • Mini berries crumble tart (v) €2,50
  • Mini curd tart (v) €2,50
  • Mini vegan chocolate peanut bar (vgn, gf) €2,25
  • Mini vegan coconut chocolate bar (vgn, gf) €2,50
All our Deli sweets are available in mini sizes as well. Take a look at our current menu to see what we have to offer!
Prefer a delicious cake as dessert? Take a look at our cakes menu!

How it works

  • All food is delivered cold
  • Minimum order of 10 pieces of each canapé / 10 persons per sharing platter
  • Minimum spend is €150,-.
  • We ask for at least 48 hours notice on all orders, however we reserve the right to decline your order if our kitchen is fully booked.
  • For the sharing platters, you can either drop your own platters at our Deli or you can rent our enamel platters for €2,5/platter
  • All food can be picked up from our Deli or be delivered at your home. Delivery charges start at €20,- and vary depending on your address.
  • Need a customised order? Please let us know and we’ll always try to help!
  • Dietary requirements? We’re here for you!


Please contact us for more information, we would love to discuss all the options about your event.